Saturday, 29 May 2010

For CRYING out loud.

For some reason, all blogs that i follow has beed cleared from my account which has pissed me off. Main reason why this is pissing me off, is because i can't remember the blogs that i folled that are not on my blogroll.

Anyway. Quick update while i'm here.

H&A concert was AMAZING. will write up both the signing and the concert after EXpo this weekend.

Expo starts today so i'm screwing myslf because my cosplay isn't finished and my so called best mate still has not given me back the money that i lent her which has made me extremly angry and has resulted in me contemplating selling sundays ticket if the money isn't in my account tomorrow (cos i won't get it on monday as it's a bank holiday)

Oh, i heard something and i want to know if this is true.

Only reason why Captian does not have a photobook is because her mother doesn't want her to have one.

If this is true, that she won't get one till she turns 20. Please, if anyone can verifiy this for me, i'd be very greatful.

See you soon.

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