Sunday, 9 May 2010



Momoiro Clover

I'm not quite sure who's debut is going to be the best. Momoclo has only 2 indies to their name while S/m has 4.

Since i'm a H!P fan, S/m has been known to be more and i know all the members and their talents while i know next to nothing about momoclo .

S/m, their indie singles start bad and end great While Momoclo's indies are all on my ipop.

S/m's debut seems to have matured from their indies, Momoclo seems to be keeping the same vibe as their indies.

While searching the net to find out more about these Momo girls, i found this page:

It explains that they have been around for over a year and have 5 graduates, one of which joined SKE48 than graduated from them as well.

As everyone knows, S/m members have been around since 2004 when they all joined the eggs, but didn't start the group till April 09.

I'm in two minds about which of these two completely different singles is the better one, but one thing i know for certian, i love them both.

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