Friday, 24 September 2010

Battle of the H!P Soloists

As you all know, Mano Erina and Natsumi Abe relased their singles last wednesday.

Now although Abe's single, Ame Agari No Niji No Youni, is really beautiful and shows us why Abe is s much better singer than Manoeri (you all know it true), it just couldn't beat Mano's Genkimono De Ikou!.

Mano came in at number 7

Abe came in at number 22

Now there are a number of reasons for this...
  1. Abe hasn't been active as a singer since the end of 2008
  2. Mano has been, like clockwork, releasing singles every 2 - 3 months since her major debut
  3. Abe doesn't have H!P to help promote her anymore since they (basicly) kicked out all the elder club last year. And by help promote i mean using the collective H!P comcerts and solo concerts to introduce fans to the song
  4. Mano have been, what i call PAA (Pulling An AKB, i.e plastering herself in magazine in just her underwear half the time (no dig at AKB, it's gotten them into the 2010 Asia Song Festival), in magazine recently
  5. Mano has also been doing a load of dramas and movies recently and altho i think she should give up the singing and focus more on the acting, it has been a promotion waggon for her
Now while i think that Abe is the obviously better singer, it is a shame that she came so low. But Miss Mano, you really need to do better. When compared to your current H!P artists (not including S/mileage) your sales are bad.
  • Morning Musume - Highest Chart Position = #1
  • Berryz Koubou - Highest Chart Position = #3 (only due to poor promotion. Otakebi Boy should have gone #1)
  • C-ute - Highest Chart Position = #2 (Everyday Zekkouchou is shit but it still got a higher place than you)
And compared to Abe, Goto and Matsuura while in H!P, your still just as bad
  • Abe - Highest Chart Position = #2
  • Goto - Highest Chart Position = #1
  • Matsuura - Highest Chart Position = #2
Now i'm not hating on the girl but i think that UFA really need to find a new soloist asap. Yes Mano is cute, Yes she has a great body, yes she isn't singing those songs that make you wanna throw yourself under a bus and yes she is improving vocally but she wasn't good enough to begin with.

The conclusion to this is that for this Battle, It's Mano - 1, Ex H!P - nil.

The next battle is between Mano, Matsuura, Goto and Tsuji's new albums, again, all 4 releasing them on the same day, 24th November 2010.

From what i can gather, Tsuji's, which was just announced, is mainly aimed at mothers considering how she's pregres and been doing all sorts of stuff to do with snot-nosed brats (11-yr-old cousin . . . . . . nuff said, i'm really not a kids kinda girl)

Anyways, Whou would you Buy?


  1. I don´t know mano well so i can´t say nothing about her but I have the feeling that Abe is better xD.

    And her last single is LOVE (Abe´s single)

  2. Yeah; Abe definitely deserved to do better. I really hope she continues her solo career because Ame Agari is BEAUTIFUL and deserved to do much better than ManoEri.

    I'm buying Ayaya's new album and I REALLY hope it does well.