Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Poll Results

And the winner is . . . .

Gaki-san won with 8/17 votes. YAY!!!

The results for the others are as followed:

  • Takahashi Ai - 4/17

  • Ogawa Makoto - 3/17

  • Konno Asami - 2/17
Bad luck to Konkon.

The next MM gen poll is up. please vote for your Favourite member.

Now.....as for the other polls.  A quick check shows that S/mileage has a draw with both Wada and Fukuda on 3/8 votes. Maeda has yet to score.  C-ute's Chisato Okai is leading with 3/9 votes.  Berryz Captain is leading on 3/7 votes. I'll leave all these polls up for the next 2 weeks.

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