Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Such a Shame What a Bad Mood can do to a Song

I decided to give SKE48 another chance to make me think of them as a completely different unit away from AKB48, i.e, i currently think of them as AKB rejects scrounging off of AKB's success. Sorry but that's my opinion and so far they haven't proved me wrong yet.

So i decided to open my mind a bit more to them with their latest single and after what seemed like a life time, but in reality it was only a minute, i finally clicked on that X and tried not to be sick.

I then proceeded to listen to the other songs that were released that same week as SKE by artist that i've heard of and the same thing happened, i could only get through like 1 minute of their songs. Which got my thinking, "Why am i being so negitive towards these songs?" There's nothing rong with them, with few exceptions (SKE still hasn't changed my views on them, it might have gotten worst though). They're fun, bright and happy songs that should make people smile. So why isn't it makeing me smile?

Looking through my iTunes collection, i looked at my most played songs this past week, and to my surprise, all the songs have had some sort of sad/angry/enpowering element to them. Songs like (going to get really cheesey here) Steps - Deeper Shade of Blue, N'SYNC - Bye Bye Bye, Boys II Men - End of the Road, AKB48 Himawari gumi - Confessions, C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas, Kara - Break It, En Vogue - Free Your Mind, Beyonce - Ring the Alarm. This got me thinking (really bad thing to do), Can you really be open to new songs/experiences if your not in the right mood?

My pervious dabbles with SKE before this was with their last single 1!2!3!4! YOROSHIKU!. Again, i slated it. But looking to the fact that right now, while trying to listen to their latest release, i'm really not in the mood for a genki idol song, made me think that i might have been in that same mood that time before.

Looking at my diary from October/November, a number of things happened than in my personal life that affected the type of songs i was listening to then. Morning Musume's Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Song reached out to me in regards to how i was feeling about the opposite sex at that time and i recieved it warmly with open arms.  Berryz Koubou's Shining Power sort of made me confused and irritated and very hungry, That song didn't really get me listening to it untill after christmas. Scandal's songs seemed to hit me hard and i had them on repeat quite a bit than.

That time, it was a really ruff time for my what with break up's and plans being cancelled and this stupid government and what nots that it made it hard for me to really listen to anything remotly happy. This time, i'me feeling really isolated from my friends and my life in general and thats having a negitive effect on the type of songs i'm listening to.

Even songs that usually make me happy, like Guru Guru Jump, Koi no Jubaku, Dance de Bakoon, Shoujo wa manatsu ni nani wo suru? (apparently one of 2 SKE songs that i can listen to without wanting to press the skip button after 5 seconds) and Smile Bijin, have made me want to skip then. On the upside, Arashi and Hey! Say! Jump! have helped push my mood forward. Funny really. I don't really listen to boy bands.

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