Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hello, I'm LunaLupus. Kira kindly invited me here, so here I am. A little introduction is in order, and I'll try to keep it short.

My name is slightly based on Sailor Moon. It means "Moon Wolf". Sailor Moon introduced me to the wider world of anime, and J-Pop. Morning Musume was relatively new, and I didn't really like them at that point. About 8 years later, I started watching Shugo Chara. I enjoyed the songs, and was impressed by the positive lyrics. I then discovered a Buono album on iTunes, and planned to buy it the next month. Fortunately, they removed it before I could. You see, I found an album with multiple H!P songs, which led to my becoming a fan of multiple H!P idols. Currently, I'm also a fan of many non-H!P idols, and some groups/singers that aren't idols.

I actually found Kira's blog because of Dream5. I posted a comment, and thought that was that. I started "promoting" Dream5 in what small way I could, and by linking this blog. Kira happened to see me promoting them, and now I'm writing for her blog. I may not write too often, but I hope what I do write will be somewhat interesting.

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