Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blog Update

The main update to this blog really is that there will be a new member. His name Is LunaLupus and i'll Let him Introduce himself when he's ready. I just thought i should let you all know and i hope you all welcome him.

Other unrelated news (well unrelated to site updates really), Berryz, yesterday, received a Daily #1 on the Ocicon charts with over 5000 copies sold. That was a jump from 9th Place to 1st place than it dropped back down to 7th today (Today as in Tuesday. I'm a night owl or as my gran says a dirty stop out. So right now it's gone 1.20am on Wednesday.) And Captain wrote that in her blog and thanked everyone. I know it only a daily and all but it's still great that they can reach that position. Lets hope that their management and marketing teams do more for their next single to make that a more permanent thing and not a one off.

well thats all for now. Must go back to going whatever real life demands of me next (hopefully nothing to do with blood or horror)

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