Tuesday, 12 July 2011

upcoming songs

lots of summer songs, so little money.

AKB48 - Flying Get! Out Aug 24

I seriously can't believe that they can get away with music like this. they can come out with really good songs like Skirt Hikari, Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru, Sakura no Ki ni Narou, Beginner and River than they release things like this all because they know that we'll buy it. Definately one song i will not buy and definately their wrost Senbatsu single (not including Chance no Ja

Berryz Koubou - Aa, Yoru ga Akeru Out Aug 10

I have really mixed feelings about this song.I can't even say that i will wait to see what the PV will be like cos i know it won't have anything in it that goes with what i'm picturing in my head for this song. I'm picturing lots of dancing, a club, sad, retro themed. I wonder how much of that would actually be in the PV.

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE Out Aug 3

I'm fed up of this song already. They had it on repeat during the live streaming of their auditions. It's a nice song, better than what they have been releasing so far this yeah but UFA should have had all their songs being played during audition. it was 1 hour of girls singing, dancing, Tsunku talking and 2 hours of this song.

Tokyo Girls Style - Limited Addiction/We Will Win Out Aug 24

When looking at them, i forget that their so young, until you get a close up of their faces. I think that this is their best song to date. AVEX has a gem here, i hope they go far. Loving the costumes and the imagary and the dance.

Another fun song from the girls. it's too short for me to tell if i like it or not.

Buono! - Natsu Dakara! Out July 20

Personally, i think that Miya should be in the middle and not Airi and that they need to go back to having dance shots cos that's one of the thinks that made Buono so great but otherwise i really like this song. It's beautiful and the imagary fits the song, i just hope UFA puts so effort into promoting them. FAST!

DiVA - Cry Out Aug 10

LOVING IT! This is the only AKB subgroup that i'm excited about. Even though it is a really short preview, it soungs like it's going to be another great song. I just hope that the addition of 6 new girls won't ruin them.

Dream5 - Like & Peace Out July 20

Their Best Song so far. Again they have Hidaka Mitsuhiro in thier PV dancing with Akira. Mikoto's vocals are getting stronger and stronger, Yuuno and Akira are going to break a lot of hearts when their older. This group is really talented. Hopefully this single will do better then their other ones what with this being the new opening theme to the anime series Tamagotchi.

Hangry & Angry - Reconquista Out Aug 10

Long awaited new single from this great pairing. Loving it. Hopefully they will come back to Camden and perform this along with other new songs. UFA need to make sure that their work with this fashion brand produces a PB. I'm not too excited with their outfits but the brand over all is exciting (even though i'm more of a Yosshi fan, Angry's style is more me)

Out of these 8 songs, i'm really excited for 3 of them and really disappointed with 1.

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