Thursday, 24 November 2011

Please Miniskirt Postwoman? I want more of this.

I can't believe i'm writing this while completely exhausted. My fault reall for not getting enough sleep due to watching the MBCMS event on Nicox2 at 4 in the morning (and i had to look after my aunts shop for 8 hours as well).

Anyways, a few days ago, S/mileage staff uploaded a rehearsal video for their new single Please Miniskirt Postwoman and i'm really excited about this single.

This single marks the offical debut for 2nd gen and the last for Yuukarin. It's released on the same day as Kikkawa You's new single Konna Watashi de Yokattara on December 28th, 3 days before Yuukarin graduates beaning a nice friendly battle between former eggs and Yuukarin not being able to celebrate with the girl when the weekly ranking comes in.

Ok, So obivious this is a rehearsal, REMEMER THAT!!!! They will get better with more practice.

The song is, in my opinion, is their best to date. It's catchy, super cute and keep with the S/mileage theme of putting a smile on your face. The line distrubution is quite fair i'd say. Cinderella, Meimei and Takechan get the most lines and i have to say that both Meimei (who is growing on me) and Takechan are the stand outs. It's quite obvious that management is pushing Meimei and here is where i fell that she deserves it. She fits the s/mileage image perfectly even if she does scares the living daylights out of me. Her singing has improved greatly, she's learned to tone down her projection while improving her tone and pitch.

Takechan is a surprise for me. What i mean is, while she is the best singer and dancer out of 2nd gen, i thought that we'd have another Riho/Fukuchan situation (where Fukuchan is the most experienced and overall better talent, Riho is getting all the promotion), expecting management to push Kanana a bit more, but this is good. She's a strong singer, something S/mileage has been missing since Sakitty left.

Kanana only gets one solo line and i'm quite thankful for that as she is the weakest singer in the group. She has improved but i still think that she should have either beed left as a sub member or demoted to the eggs.

Katsuta is forgetfull. I completely forget what she sounds like as soon as she's finished her solo lines. Another girl that should not have been promoted.

Yuukarin doesn't get as many lines in this single as she usually does, this is mainly due to her leaving soon. a few people have commented on youtube about her not singing as much and i think that it's fair as mamagement need to distrubute her line between the other girls and the less lines she has the less of a problem it'll be.

I'm loving the DAWA/Meimei combo. It's cuteness overload and having this combo in the beginning, middle and end of the song means you can't escape these Fang Toothed Wacky Cuties or Team Fang as i will mow call them.

This single has the most complicated dance routine S/mileage has ever had but it fits the song so well. I especially like Team Fang's parts and when they all sing "Please, Please". Unfortunately Kanana is the worst in this video as she is all over the place and forgets the dance. But she's not the only one. If you take your eyes away from her, you will see that Yuuka, Meimi and Rina alson mess up a bit but not as badly. you have to give her a chance as she is the member with the lease dance experience and she has said that she struggles with learning the dances.

This video was posted on monday and their first perfoemance was dueing the event yesterday. This video was made when they just learnt the dance so judging from the timeline (Oct 16th - Promotion of Sub-members and single announcement - Nov 23rd MBCMS event), they have had to learn the song, have singing lessons on the song, record the song, learn the dance and perfect the dance with heels while doing rehearsals, performances and interviews for MBCMS and rehearsals for the upcoming H!P winter tour. Kanana didn't mess up during the live from what i could see which means she got 10x better.


With the exception of Shortcut stage and Pig song costumes, S/mileage never disappoints. I'm loving this costume. it's clear where UFA spend their money.

I'm really excited for this single and can not wait till were get a view of the PV. Hopefully it's better than Tachiagirl's PV (Which is an utter pile of shit)

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