Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Just had to share this


It's just my friend (Esti) told me that she was in this video. She the girl standing in the background in the big blue dress (Which she made herself.).

Esti told me that they were giving them the evil eye when they were doing this, instead of either telling them to move or, like Esti told me, there was a water feature near them which would have been better.

So Esti didn't know who Beckii Cruel was.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so i told her...............(cantdancecantsinghadbriefcareerasanidolinjapan)

What she told me was this

"Is she for real? they can't even dance. I just thought they were some of those little school kids that stand in a corner at Expo doing they imitations at dancing"


Honestly, the best thing about this video is how Esti and her friends are completely oblivious to what’s going on and are taking pictures of each other.

The actual dance is quite shoddy. Yes she does say that they haven't practiced much but that’s just wrong. Their timing is way WAY off and the only time they were in sync was when they froze.

And here is Esti in her costume.


  1. The thing I find the funniest is that she says in her description she didn't practice much *sigh* If Kroze and Cuca and find the time so can Becky considering it is her job.

    But I have no ill will for her, she seems plesent, if she can be sucessfull then good on her. I just wish she would be a better representative for gaijin Idols.

  2. Yeah, Becki Cruel left her agency in Japan. She has another single coming out that sounds horrible. I agree that her dancing isn't very good, although she has gotten better. I just don't care. Funny that this happened though.