Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fantsay! Juuichi Review

So i'm going to try my hand at reviewing Morning Musume's latest album, Fantsay! Juuichi. Please remember that i'm not good with words so if i sound really harsh, thats just the way i think and it's something that can't be changed.

1. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game
This version is better than the single. I really like the violins in the beginning. It sounds more Russian than the single and i feel bad for this song as it should have deserved a better PV overall. I found the pauses in the song gave the song a more climatic feel.

2. Bravo
Upbeat, took a while for me to really get into this song but i like the melody more than the instrumental. I would really like to see this song being performed as i feel that it would/could be a real crowd pleaser and get the audience hyped up. It’s a shame that this line up won’t perform this song.

3. Fantasy ga Hajimaru
It seems that they have used that horrible auto tune on Sayu again. I personally think that she sounds better without it and no offence to Tanaka fans but she sounds better with it. Overall, i’m not a big fan of the electronic sons but this album sounds a lot better than 10 My Me and were only at song number 3. This one reminds me of Barbie girl a bit but i quite like it. Why is it that Momosu’s last and current albums have an electronic pop feel to them yet their singles don’t reflect this? This song should have been released as a single instead of Seishun Collection.

4. Onna Gokoro to Nanto Yara
A cute instrumental. One of those songs that makes you want to sway along. Definitely an album song. If this song was to have a PV, i could see it having one like Aruiteru.

5. Ai no Honoo
A ballad. Tanaka solo. Would have sounded better if someone else sung it. Yeah i’m not a big Tanaka fan and her voice isn’t my cup of tea either. I think that it would have been a good ballad but like i said, i’m not a big fan of her vocals so this song won’t be going on my iPod anytime soon.

6. I’m Lucky Girl
Another electronic pop song. A bit boring at first until the chorus. Sounds a bit like a 90’s reject. I’m a bit confused with this one. Not sure if i like it or not.

7. Sungoi My Birthday
Sayu, Aika, Linlin and Junjun song. It’s a shame cos linlin has an amazing voice and she has to sing songs that really don’t show it off. The song is cute but lacks and form of interest from me. Easily forgetable.

8. Ichi Kara Juu Made Aishite Hoshii
Upbeat song. Ai, Reina, Eri and Gaki. The “Ohh Yeah” lines remind me of Sayu’s lines in Seishunn collection, but much better. That’s about the only part of the song that i remember really.

9. Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni
Interesting beginning. Eri starts than Tanaka ruins my ears. It’s one of those songs that sounds like it’s an upbeat song but really, it’s a ballad and quite a nice one as well. The song gives the feeling that it could be the ending theme to an anime. Not sure what kind of anime but it feels like a lonely and sad song but it’s quite calming to me.

10. Denwa de ne
Ai Solo. Another ballad. Can’t deny that Ai has a beautiful voice. But this song makes me want to sleep (could be the fact that it’s a slow song and that it is like 2 am and i’m really tied and should be in my bed sleeping but got distracted watching Gokusen season whatever). I’m not a big fan of the really slow ballads. But it’s a lot better than Tanaka’s attempt.

11. Seishun Collection
Worst song on the album. Just completely wrong. Granted it is in a good place, after hearing Ai’s beautiful ballad, it is in a good place to fully appreciate the instrumental. . . . . lyrics still suck though. Only saving graces for this song are Sayu’s “ohh Yeah” lines and the instrumentals. Definitely won’t be on my iPod.

Overall this album is a lot better than 10 My Me. The best songs on this album were Fantasy ga Hajimaru, Itoshiku Kurushii Kono Yoru ni and onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game. One criticismthat i have is that I would have liked Eri and Junlin to have had a song to themselves or Eri having a solo to carry on with the theme of UFA over promoting her side of the Graduations, but i guess that was a bit too much to ask for.

Can’t wait to see what 9th gen members are going to bring to this group. With the upcoming graduations, Momosu need great dancers and singers to fill the gap that Eri and Linlin are leaving. Plus girls that can compete with Sayu on the cuteness/over honest front, something that Junjun was doing very well at.

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