Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Champion Of Champions Poll Results

Well as you can see....

Sayumi won the poll with 8/20 votes, so until a new champion is announced, Sayumi will be the theme of this blog.  Well done to Sayu and HELLO HELL!! (i hate pink)

So, Both Aika and Linlin took joint second with 4 votes, Momoworld came 4th with 2 votes and joint last was Chii and Gakisan with 1 vote each.

So that means another Picspam for Sayu as she is the Picspam champion plus maybe another as it was/is her birthday but i might do a videospam instead, not sure, comment below with what i chould do.

So it's time to start the new Champions polls. I'm starting with Morning Musume. Your choises are

You have one week.

Oh and how do you like the new layout? Personally, i can not stand pink.

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