Saturday, 10 July 2010


While bored trying to think how to make this cosplay look good on an extremly low budget, i was playing videos over at JpopAisa and i started thinking, Who looks better in a school uniform? AKB or Scandal?

To help you decide, here's a video from both groups.

SCANDAL - Shunkan Sentimental

AKB48 Iiwake Maybe

Personally, Even tho AKB have really good designs, Scandal make me want to wear theirs more (maybe because i'm trying to stop looking like a 12yr-old so the more sexy version is standing out right now, but than again, there are days when i want to act like a 12yr-old so the n=more cuter version will appeal to me but thats when i just want to catch people [pedos] out). I have left an Other option for any other group you like that wears school uniforms IN MAJORITY OF THEIR VIDEOS as i felt that this would be more fairer on those who know more than i do.
Totally unrelated to this poll, This sounds SOOOOOOO wrong in english.

Now as for the Champ of Champ poll, results coming soon. Just trying to finish making the Background and Banner for the winner, plus get the vote posters ready for the next round of polls. I won't be doing another Picspam for the new poll just because it's the OG's and i don't really have enough pics of all of them to do a good picspam.
By the way, Who would like to see Tsunku in a PB/picspam? Yes i finally managed to get this stupid computer to show the rest of the page from my 1st round of PB announcement/fantasy poll.


  1. I KNOW! The English versions of their songs suck balls. I much rather hear the original. If they want to do something special for the English-speaking fans then write one in English (something new). The girls have to sing in English anyway.

  2. I voted for AKB48. :P
    And I'd rather you not show a Tsunku picspam... *shudders* He's.. creepy.. XD