Thursday, 22 July 2010

Poll Results

Firstly, Sorry for not being arould much but i was busy watching anime, anyone know of any romantic animes please let me know cos i really want to carry one watching ones like Clannan and Kimi ni Todoke.

Anyway, the polls.

So who looks good in a school uniform.....



Seams i have a lot of ABK fans out there, Granted they do have a lot more imagingation when it comes towards their costumes.

Now for the Momosu Champ

3/4 Votes, Kaori Iida came second with 1 vote and no one voted for Yuko, Ishiguro and Asuka.

So Abe is 1st Gen Momosu Champs.

Next up is 2nd gen. There will not be a poll for 3rd and 7th gens for obvious reasons.

Your choises are...

Again, 1 week to vote.

EDIT: Ther other poll is about which Kanon do you prefer, Wakeshima or Fukuda. click on the names to view their new songs.

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