Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Sorry for not updating. I'm really busy with job hunting, designing and making outfits and working that i haven't really had time to do anything to this blog.

I do have a few posts that i would like to do, like a full ranking of MM singles (finally finished going through all the videos, just need to place them in order and write my views on them.

I'm thinking about adding new artists like Momoiro Clover, Tokyo Girls Style and Yuikaori but what with my work load, i'm still trying to get to know the girls and stuff. I'm properbly not gonna even try to understand the 48 lot cos, if you haven't noticed yet, i'm a big fan of the back up singers/dancers and i like to get to know the girls that aren't shuved in my face but with the 48 family, even if i try, those girls are likely to be axed (as indicated with their last election when, from what i've read, a few of the girls that made it were cut soon after). I might try and give my opinion on them but it might just be pure hate majority of the time and i feel that i should try to see both the good and bad in everything. But the more i learn about AKB, the more i just want to not listen to them. Hopefully, when i eventually get a job, i'll learn to translate japanese and watch one of their shows and i might just change my mind on this.

As for the polls, till i've managed to somewhat finish my long ever growing list of real world tasks, i'm leaving them up (especially since they have like 4 votes).

And on a completely unrelated note, Anyone watched Gundam Seed? Have you noticed how when they talk about changing peoples genes, that it seems that the real world is catching up with it? like with the designer babies thing?

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  1. I think you heard about the trainee who made Undergirls but left. I don't believe she was axed. So you don't have to worry because you don't need to bother with the trainees. By the way I love what you've done with the place. Very Sayu < 3