Monday, 9 August 2010



Ok so yes i wanted a graduation but the the three members that i actually like are to be leaving is the worst.

I really don't want any of these girls to go. All three have the talent that momosu needs.

So i totally understand the reasons for Eri to go and i respect her more for putting her health first over her career but momosu needs good singers like Her, Linlin and Junjun.

Hopefully they'll have better success in china than they do in Japan. It is kinda unfair that they were always put to the back and never got any lines in songs just becaust they are chinese. I'm just hoping that they don't end up like Ice Creamusume.

But anyways, i am going to wish them the best of luck and hope that we get to hear about what they are doing after they graduate through blogs and stuff (meaning that Eri needs to get a blog soon).


Seriously, Momosu needs it what with all the attention focused on S/mileage within UFA and the 48 family in the whole Idol culture. This news is long over due and although i'm looking forward to seeing who Tsunku picks, I'm worried that he might pick another Aika, I.E another girl that he had high expectations for but just doesn't live up to them like Gocchin, Kon Kon and Koha did.

I feel that since he's loosing 3 good singers and dancers, he really needs to find girls that have excellent voices and can dance well, like the girls currently in Tokyo Girls Style (i'm not saying exactly like them, but who have beautifull voices that will only get better).

I have a few questions on this Audition

  • Are the eggs are allowed to audition?

  • Will the Eggs be considered in the audition process?

  • What will happen if no one is picked at the end of this auditons?

  • Are girls allowed to audition if they were apart of another organization? I.E have been involved in modeling or were with another Idol group's training program

  • With the current average age of the group being 21, is Tsunku going to take into consideration the ages of the girls that would join the group to help lower the average to keep the group in competition with other idol units (AKB48 & SKE48 = 18, S/mileage & Momoiro Clover = 15, C-ute & Yuikaori = 16, Berryz Koubou = 17, Tokyo Girls' Style = 13 [Yes i did just sit in front of my computer and worked out the averages of all of these groups (and yes AKB48 pissed me off. It took me 30 mins just to work out that i keep losing 4 girls during my tallying)])?

  • What sound is Tsunku thinking of for the group? bearing in mind that S/mileage has the cute, genki image, Berrys has this maturing, punk fun image and C-ute has the cute, Smexy image while current Momosu has a mature, wants to be younger image going on.

  • How many girls is Tsunku going to add to the group? is he going to add just 1 or 4+?
Hopefully as this audition goes on, these questions might get answered.


Amina Sato, AKB48 Team B

While i was working out the average age of AKB48, i noticed something about this girl.  Does anyone know what the numbers 1610 that i always seam to use mean? because now i'm following AKB just for her.


  1. 1610 means that i'm exactly, to the day, 5 years older then her. i know, sad reason to follow an idol.