Wednesday, 11 August 2010


No i really can't believe that the only way that J-Pop is getting into main stream UK homes is via Beckii Cruel.

Yes i was just as surprised as you are to see this.  The "HOUR LONG" documentary, showing Thursday 12th August on Digital TV channel, BBC3 (can't the BBC find anything else to show at this time?) at 9PM (Click Here for BBC iPlayer if you really wanna see it, it should be available from around 10:30pm on this website).

Seriously, why her? there are plenty of other girls on youtube that are better singers and dancers that Beckii who haven't been recognised, like Cuca-Chan

This cute 8 Year old have been making videos since 2008, and is a much better singer AND dancer then her but because she's only 8 and H!P seem to only that girls from 10 yrs up, we're going to have to wait a few more years till we'll see her up on the stage.

While This

Is being pumped through out the world and now the poor british public is now being subjected to that as well, if it wasn't too much to have it plasted all over the net.

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