Monday, 18 October 2010


So Three things happened this weekend that need to be celebrated.

  1. This blog reached 1,000 views YAY!!!
  2. I celebrated my 25th on saturday *crys*
  3. AKB48 Team B Member Amina Sato turned 20 on Saturday YAY!!

and i want to say a big thank you to Chobineko over at H!O for wishing me a happy birthday.....will rant about strangers and so called friends on my other blog.....but i just wanted to thank her for that message.

A quick update, Both the Berryz and Cute polls are now closed, will be posting the results soon, currently Linlin and Aika are tied in the 8th gen poll and Muten Musume and AKB are also tied in the who'll win pt1 poll. Morning Musume are currently beating SKE in the who'll win pt2 poll. Ayaya has been leading the H!P Album battle since day 1, but Tsuji is slowly creaping up on her lead.

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