Sunday, 31 October 2010

Poll Results

I haven't been feeling very well recently (plus as luck would have it, my cousin's computer won't connect to the internet so he's using my recently repaired laptop to not do his homework on) so i've missed a lot of planned updates.

So this post will cover:
  • Finished Poll Results
  1. C-ute Champion Poll
  2. Berryz Koubou Champion Poll
  3. MM 6th Gen Champion Poll
  4. MM 8th Gen Champion Poll
  • On Going Poll Update
  1. AKB48 vs Muten Musume
  2. SKE48 vs Morning Musume
  3. H!P Current vs Ex Album Battle
  • New and Upcoming Polls
  1. MM Overall Champion
  2. Beginner Yay or Nay
(Sorry it's all listed but i'm still recovering from recuring headache which has equalled in memory lose)

C-ute Champion Poll

  • Chisato - 10/38
  • Nakky - 9/38
  • Maimai - 8/38
  • Airi - 7/38
  • Maimi - 4/38
Thats the second time that Chisa has been voted into the finals over her other groupmates. It's funny how the 2 front girls have been voted last and the "back up dancers" are in the top 3.

Berryz Koubou Champion Poll

  • Momoworld - 9/33
  • Miya - 7/33
  • Captian *crys* - 6/33
  • Maa - 4/33
  • Rii - 4/33
  • Chi - 3/33
  • BFG (Yurina) - 0/33
So Momoworld wins and poor Yurina didn't even get a vote. I should say that those 4 votes that Rii got saved her arse in this poll.

MM 6th Gen Champion Poll

  • Eri - 5/11
  • Tanaka - 3/11
  • Mikitty - 2/11
  • Sayu - 1/11
I forgot about this one for a bit (Cousin using Laptop at hours that were meant to be mine) But i'm glad that Eri won this one.

MM 8th Gen Champion Poll

  • Linx2 - 9/18
  • Aika - 7/18
  • Junx2 - 2/18
Funny thing here is, from my last lot of Champions (Picspam Champions) Chisa, Momo and Linx2 were all in the finals. Well, we'll have to see if Linx2 can win against competitors like Gakisan, Yosshi and Marippe.

But congrats to All three of you. Momoworld and Chisa will proceed to the H!P Champion of Champions alond with Kanon and Linx2 will go through to the MM Champion Poll.

Ongoing Polls
  • AKB - 13
  • MM - 17
Strange thing is, while AKB are number 1, MM are somewhere around number 15. But it seems fans still believe that Mm will win (maybe thats cos most of you are H!P fans). Poll ends this Wednesday.
  • MM - 19
  • SKE - 9
Now MM actually have a good song (for once) and on offence to any SKE fans out there but their song sucks. Glad that this poll shows that, but if UFA don't start taking their fingers out of their Arses, SKE WILL that the glory for their piece of shite. Poll ends the week after these songs are released.
  • Tsuji - 17
  • Matsuura - 15
  • Goto - 8
  • Mano - 7
This is a surprise. since this poll has been up, Ayaya has been in the lead, but over the last, say, 2 weeks, Nono has been creaping up on her. Glad to see that Mano and her very imaginatively titled ablum "More Friends", is still last. Poll ends when we find out where they charted.

Now onto New and upcoming Polls.

So the new MM champion Poll is up and running, your choises are:

 Voting wil last about 2 weeks (she says)

And their Voteing Posters will be in the side bar on the right so get voting.

Upcoming Polls

I want to do one on wheather anyone actually like AKB48's Beginner. Personally, i like it but i have read in some blogs that they think that the song is crap (Ponytail was a load of crap) so i want to know what you all think about the song.


  1. How about you think that SKE48's song sucks, because I am addicted to it. <3

  2. lol My favourites win (oh eri is my 2nd, i´m the 2nd vote of Mikitty xD).

    Chisato <3