Thursday, 21 October 2010

How Morning/Muten Musume can win against AKB/SKE48 UPDATE

Just an Update about the current Showdowns Between MM and the 48's

The 48's aren't wasting time with their promotions.

First up, AKB48's PV has been banned/re-edited due to the violence.

It is now just an extended dance shot.

AKB48 - Beginner
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ON second thought, I'm glad that they've can it. it IS way tooooooooo violent. I'm not the biggest horror movie fan but i seriously was frecked out but this clip that i found from the original PV.

i also found thess while searching

AKB48 - Beginner (PV)
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AKB48 - Beginner (����ver.)
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Like i said, AKB are hitting their promotion big time with this.

From what was said, you can't even get to watch the original PV even if you buy the single. That Sucks. But with all this flying around the media and the internet, it means that AKB have 1 up on MUTEN Musume.

AS for the poll, Well it seems that you all have faith in Muten Musume
  • Muten Musume 11
  • AKB48 10
It's been a close race so far but AKB have never overtaken MM in this poll. They've tied quite a few times but never over taken them.

and just to remind you what Muten Musume's song sound like since UFA can't be arsed to release any previews of the PV

So what about SKE and MORNING Musume

Well . . . . .

Poll results so far show
  • Morning Musume 12
  • SKE 7
I really like MM's song. a million times better than Senshun Craplection

But SKE have just released this

And all we get from MM is This

And this

No offence but they should swap with Berryz

Either way i dislike both costumes.

MAN UFA, your really hurting these girls and their fans. Are you really trying to push you fans over to the dark side?

So there's less than a week till the 1st showdown and it seams that UFA are reliying on the group's history to see them through this battle, As for showdown #2, untill the PV for Onna to otoko no Lullaby Game! comes out, MM have the advantage her but SKE have the bigger fan base (AKB fans would buy their single to support the 48's)

As for other news, SND48's song is pure and utter shite but this shite detector predicts that it will get a top 5 place on the oricon chart come 1st December (GAGAGA is released on the same day as the current H!P current vs Ex members Album battle, Nov 24th)

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