Saturday, 9 October 2010

How Morning/Muten Musume can win against AKB/SKE48

Now the last time AKB48 went up against Morning Musume was with River/Kimagure Princess, and AKB won, although it was a better song by far and deserved to win the no#1 spot....Unlike Ponytail to Shushu and even Heavy Rotation to a point. KP was a good song too but it just wasn't as good as River. But how can MM Beat AKB this time?

1. Marketing

Right now, it's clear that the 48's have this point covered. Their on the front of every magazine and are on a whole load of varity shows plus not to mention the wide range of shows that they produce. In order for MM to gain anything from this, they need to basicly whore themselves out to every magazine/t.v show/radio shows they can find. They need to really reach out to the public to get them to think about the group again.

This isn't gonna be easy, but what with Muten Musume backing this Sushi resturant chain, thats some help towards marketing. They just need to get into the magazines and tv shows now.

2. PV releases

This is where AKB48 have another advantage over Muten Musume. AKB have already released a preview of their new single Beginner

As well as previewing the whole song to the audience of their recent janken senbatsu tournament, they are also pushing this single through their various TV appearences and magazine articals. This is something that i believe that SKE48 are going to do with their single too.

For MM to get anywhere near the top spot, they really need to start releasing PV review weeks in advance to the release date and to stop releasing full PV's two days before the single comes out. Actully, UFA need to take that advice and use it with C-ute and Berryz too. Otakebi Boy should have gone to number 1 but the pv wasn't released until like the night before it was released.

3. Image for singles

As you can see, Image is everything. So while AKB have gone with their standard school uniform look, Muten Musume have gone for a busboy/waitress reteo look (which is kinda better than this
loada crap)

The Outfits in Beginner where their in the video game look SO cool, it shows that their management are actually thinking about what they wear in PV's.

Now i know that there are no previews for SKE and MM's new singles (both of which relate to he number 4 [MM's 44th, SKE's 4th) but MM BETTER NOT SHOW ANOTHER VERSION OF THAT CRAP ABOVE COS GRANTEED THAT THE SONGLE WILL FLOP!!!

4. AOB (Any Other Business)

Well After hearing just 27 seconds of Beginner, i have to say that Muten Musume should just give up that battle as, no offence, their song is shite in comparasion.

Hopefully Lullabye game is better than
this pile of poo.

i'm not a fan of SKE's singles. Only one i like is
and that was before i realised who they were.

MM really need to stop living in the past and stop trying to act like their younger (or older in Aika's case) and just act their age.
Best example is
Their last number 1. The girls were young, sexy and most importantly, ACTING THEIR AGE (with exception to Aika and Koha, but Aika more)

All in all, AKB48 will win battle no#1 and the jury's still out Ske48 and MM. Hopefully MM's song won't suck as bad as Seishun Collection.

(While i was writing this, i was singing along to Everyone's a little bit racist, The internet is for porn and Scadenfreude from Avenue Q OST)


  1. So true! I cant think of what actually MM marketing team is thinking. It's as if they try to make MM look crap/boring on purpose.

  2. H!P is a really good company. But, yeah, I really want to rant about their marketing and PV issues.

    I think AKB48s are whores. But, they deserve to be famous because their team has worked so hard.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. thanks for sharing.