Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Danceでバコーン!を踊ってみた【 岡井千聖(本人)】

So on youtube, there are a load of dance covers of H!P songs. Lots of girls (and guys) like to learn the dances, film themselves doing the dances hen uploading them on to youtube. These the talentless Becki Cruel and than there's my favourite who is an 8 year old girl named Cuca-chan or 3u10, a girl that needs to be up on stage danceing and singing with H!P (or any other idol group that will put her popularity on youtube to good use).

But there is some one who is taking her place.

YES! Okai Chisato has released a dance cover of C-ute's Dance de Bakoom!.....That means she has an up over ALL of the Youtube dance cover artists......considering that she IS in C-ute.

Hopefully she'll (or who ever is allowing her to do these and uploading them for her) will continue to do more. The dances i would love for her or any other c-ute member (mainly Maimi cos she iz 1 sick dancer man) to do would actually be any dance from another H!P group as well as their own. Just think about it, you could get Maimi dancing Onna ni Sachi Are or Mikan by Momosu, or Airi actually dancing to Shock! (I.E not just standing there looking pretty). Hell even have the girl covering Rival or Watashi ni Mirai no Danna-sama by Berryz. The possiblites are endless.

For now it seems that C-ute having their own youtube channel is more benifital to Chisa fans right now. Hopefully who ever is looking after Berryz channel will update it with.

And just to leave you with a 5-nin version of the song.

And by the way, Berryz, C-ute, Manoeri and Upfront's channels allow you to comment, something which Upfront wasn't doing before. Hopefully this is a good step towards making H!P the best Idol company again.

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