Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Poll Results

OK so the results are in and the charts have announced who's this weeks number one.

So out of 36 votes, Muten Musume got 20 and AKB got 16.

The Oricon chart says that AKB are hold the #1 spot with 826,989 copies sold, while Muten Musume aren't even in the top ten. They rank #13 with 7,336 copies sold.

I'm surprised that they even made the top 20 what with the lack of promotion that was done.

To tell the truth, i expected these results. As a H!P fan, i still have this undying hope that H!P can achieve #1 singles but i know that untill management start living in the present and not in the past that this is what is likely to happen in the future.

Take the last time AKB went up against MM, it was River vs Kimagure Princess. AKB won with over 100,000 copies to get their first number 1 while MM had to satisfiy with the 4th spot, even tho this was Koha's last release with the group.

I hate to say this but it makes me really upset that H!P won't listen to what the market is saying. The market is asking for edgy, youthful idols and all H!P can do is spend all their time promoting a new group and not promote their flagship group.

I know i'm not the 48's biggest fan, thats mainly based on me having the attention span of a new born baby, but i do admit that they are the number one idol group right now. I am trying to get to know them more, i have been reading Mina's reviews on their stages and i have been (but failing) to try to get to know all the girls aside from the front girls . . . . and Amina, but i can't deny that little bit of pain i feel in my heart when i see a magazine cover with AKB on the front, or when i see the #1 position go to AKB, i can't help but feel a little jealous of their current success and have those evil thoughts like "it won't last long","they only media whores","they can't sing live" etc, etc, etc.

To be honest, Muten Musume's song is one of the songs that i shut myself off from after 30 secs, something that happens quite often with most 48 singles and even a lot of H!P singles (can't help it, attention span of a baby there, hence the rant) mostly C-ute's and Mano's releases.

I've completely forgotten what the hell i was talking about. mmmmmmmmm. Nope it's gone, i can't remember what i was trying to say about this poll.

Anyway, i voted for AKB and as it turns out, the other 15 voters who voted with me were right. Give yourselves a slap on the back for being unbias (and bias if you are an AKB fan)

Congrats to AKB for their 5th #1 in a row


UFA, Tsunku, you should be ashamed of yourselves. DO MORE TO PROMOTE YOUR ARTISTS!!!!


  1. Just to say, i did re-read this post and i really and truely can not for the life of me remember what my point was.

  2. I understand that feeling.