Saturday, 13 November 2010

Poll results

And your Morning Musume Champion is

The angel that is Qian Lin aka Linlin. May her voice and personality live on past H!P and UFA's crap.

anyways....carrying on

Linlin won with 12/21 votes
  • Kamei Eri- 5/21
  • Kusumi Koharu - 2/21
  • Niigaki and Yaguchi - 1/21
  • Yoshizawa, Goto and Abe - 0/21
So the new Champion poll will start today. Who will be H!P Champion.

S/mileage Champion
Won with 6/12

 Berryz Koubou Champion
Won with 9/33

Morning Musume Champion
Won with 12/21

 The Lone Soloist
Automaticly gets put through due to being the only soloist (Risako is not included since her solo release was a joint one with Mana Ogawa)

C-ute Champion
Won with 10/38

Voting will end on the 1st December. The winner will than face the current Champion, Michishige Sayumi for Blog Theme.

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  1. 1 vote more for Chissa here ^^, i´m glad Linlin won...she is my current favourite with Risa