Monday, 22 November 2010

Happy Birthday Captian

Happy 19th Birthday Captian

And now for some videos

1. Singing Renai Rider for Buono to look for some key
(If anyone knows if there is a full version of this video and knows of a subbed version too could you please let me know. Thanks)

Captain doing impersonations of other Berryz members

Singing Umbrella by Tanpopo#

Singing Aitai Kedo by Berryz Koubou

And i couldn't let this end without her dancing and beatboxing

More Dancing

More Beatboxing
(Risako neve sounds good in this song)

And just cos i love this song

Have a happy 19th birthday Captain

Hope next year, you'll get as much promption as Chisa is getting this year.....and a PB finally.

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