Monday, 15 November 2010

Love Like Crazy

While i was looking for something on youtube for a future post thats coming up, i thought to my self, "How many times have they done this song?"

So i looked it up

1. Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Shimizu Saki 2009 Version

2.Abe Natsumi, Matsuura Aya, Goto Maki 2005 Version (Original Line-up)

3.Goto Maki 2006 Version

4.Goto Maki 2007 Version

Personally, i love the song so i'm not too fussed which version i like the best cos al the girls here can sing. Altho, the most recent version is lacking in the energy that the original line up has (and the line distrubution the the original has as well)

So i put it to you, Which version of LOVE LIKE CRAZY do you prefer?

Poll will stay up untill i take down the Album poll.


  1. I'm more for Captain, Eri, & Ai's version... I know the original is usually always best... but lol, I'm biased and I listened to the new version before the older one, so yeah, going with Captain, Eri, & Ai's version!!

    (The older version has better vocals though... their voices seem stronger!! xD)

  2. I swear I've seen other performances of this song.

  3. @Mina, if you have, please tell me where cos i would really like to see it.