Thursday, 4 November 2010

New PV's

So UFA have decided to release PV's a few weeks in advance


Are they starting to listen to what us mere mortals, who happen to be the ones who buy the stuff they release for their artist, have to say? Are they finally realising that there is competition out there for the number one idol agency?

So first up is Berryz Koubou - Shinning Power

Now the instrumental is catchy and seems to keep my very limited attention span interested enough to listen to the whole song. But Tsunku, why do you have these girls singing about Bento? Of all the things to write about.

Anyway, THE COSTUMES SUCK!!!! I applude you for trying to show that these girls are sexy young ladies but really, did your costme designer and set designer have no contact what so ever that you give these girls dark red black pattened chiffon costumes with gold spandex tank tops and shorts and a set that has nearly every colour of the rainbow plus white? Seriously? I think that MM's costumes would fit better in this PV than those.

And another problem with the overall styling,

WHY???? I understand Yurina wearing those trouser things but putting Ma in trousers ruins the look. Think about it, Yurina in the middle the whole time (except when Risako tries to steal the centre position....twice) It looks good having her in trousers and the rest of the girls in skirts/dresses but Ma stands out for all the wrong reasons.

Now i think for some positives. Yurina look AMAZING

I thought that Otakebi Boy was Chi's video even though she wasn't centre, but she managed to out shine even Miya, but this PV is ALL ABOUT YURINA KUMAI.

I'm loving the blonde streaks against her new dark brown colour and her body looks amazing in this PV.

It is a risk that UFA are taking with this single. This is the first time that someone other that Risako, Miyabi and Momoko have taken the lead AND centre position in Berryz. I personally think that this is a good risk. Yes, Yurina isn't the best singer in Berryz but finally, they do the right thing and put the BFG in the middle instead of at the end.

 On closer inspection of said costumes, It seemsa that Captian, Chi and BFG got the best bargin here while both Ma and Rii both seem to end up with the "fat" card again. UFA, YOU HAVE JUST ADDED 20 POUNDS TO RISAKO!! WHY?? UFA, MAASA'A HAIRSTYLE IS OUT OF DATE AND OVER DONE! STOP USING IT ON THE GIRLS!

I left these 2 out for 2 reasons.

Miya - not quite sure about what that thing is on your head but i am so glad you got rid of thos nasty extentions.
Captian - You look so cute and you vocals are improving. Maybe your the next one to get the spotlight?

The dance overall is simple but it fits the song as with all Berryz songs. But i do think it's time to get a new dance move. As Ladybird over at Nyu Chan Desu states in his blog post about this video, they overuse the finger pointing to the sky WAY too much.

Over all, i like the instrumental of the song, the PV is your typical Berryz PV, Fun and youthful but the costumes and dance moves need work.

Lil Pri - Lululu

Hate it...

Nuff said.

This reminds me of that C-ute song i hate so much and a reason why i'm not fan of the group. Please end the anime so these girls can keep some self respect.

No offence but i think that Saki got the better deal here.

Morning Musume - Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game


 I like the setting, it fits with the song. I love the dresses that the girls wear while in that rose petal pond (except Gaki's). I love the fact that JunLin get solo lines. Aika, in the words of my gran, Actually looks likes someone child. . . .





What the hell. HATE THE COSTUMES!!!! As i said with Berryz, these costumes would look better in Berryz PV while Berryz costumes would look better in MM's PV.

 The dance. . . . . could have had more of a russian theme to it since the songs sounds like it have a russian theme going. Really, they should have gone with a russian theme for this song. It would have not only been more appropiate, but, have some link with Momosu's golden era. I know, i've just conridicted myself. In my last post, i said that they should stop living in the past, but this song calls for a russian theme and it's a bit disappointing that we've not getting that.

The song is good, one of their best this year (and that's saying something) but the line distrubutions still suck.

It's Eri, Junjun and Linlin's last sone with the group and Ai and Tanaka get majority of the lines. Eri is one of their best singers and she's still being treated like a semi back up singer to Tanaka. At least she got majority of the centre positions.

On to Styling

 Aichan, Eri and Sayu look amazing as always (with obvious exception (the costumes)) JunLin' Pond Dress hairstyle is the prettiest i have ever seen them look in these PV's. And Aika actually looks good, shame about Gaki. I think the stylist has been allowed to put scissors to her hair again. Shame on you who ever you are, you should be fired for making pretty Gaki look fugly.

 At least i can see some promotion going on for this single. They really need to get this out there. Eri NEEDS one last number one just so that she can leave H!P and not have to worry about them.

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